5 consejos para alargar la vida de tu cosmética sólida

5 tips to extend the life of your solid cosmetics

Did you know that you can make your solid cosmetics last much longer? If your soaps or shampoos are consumed too quickly, follow these practical tricks and you will see how you can extend their useful life:

1) Keep your products dry
One of the main causes of soap deterioration is humidity, so it is very important to keep it as dry as possible. Avoid placing it in areas with high heat or humidity, as well as keeping it away from splashes of water.

2) Use a soap dish with good drainage
Avoid leaving your bar of soap on the shower floor or directly on the edges of the bathtub. The most effective thing is to use a soap dish, but it is important that it has grids so that the water can drip and not accumulate in the soap dish.

3) Rub it with your hands to get the right amount
Instead of rubbing the tablet directly on your body or hair, you can try to get just the right amount of product by rubbing it with your hands and then spread it over the desired area.

4) Use a sponge
Another option is to rub the tablet with a sponge to generate enough foam and thus use a smaller amount of product.
Once you're done soaping, drain the water from the sponge and use it to dry the bar of soap and remove the foam before storing it.

5) Use a mesh for small pieces
When the tablet begins to break, you can use a sisal mesh or similar to insert the small pieces and use the foam that appears when it is moistened. This way you can take advantage of every last bit.


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