About us

Kernat was born with the aim of contributing its grain of sand in the fight to achieve a more sustainable planet. Small gestures can mean big changes and that is why we encourage everyone to discover our natural solid cosmetics.

The personal hygiene industry generates tons of plastic waste every day. Most of all this plastic is not recycled and has a very detrimental effect on the environment. The manufacturing of these products involves an enormous waste of natural resources and the use of chemical substances also negatively impacts the planet.

Until recently, we too were not aware of the consequences that our daily habits have on the environment. The pandemic made us open our eyes. By spending more time at home, the accumulation of household waste was much greater. When we investigated a little more about the treatment of this waste, we discovered that, despite recycling, only 7% of this plastic is used to make new bottles. Approximately half is burned in landfills, which has a polluting effect on the environment and thousands of containers end up dumped in the ocean every day. That's when we realized something had to change.


There are many ways to reduce our environmental impact and one of them is to try to limit the use of single-use plastics as much as possible. Solid cosmetics are one of the solutions that can have the greatest impact on our daily lives. We are aware that changing our routines is not an easy task. We are very accustomed to using hygiene products in plastic containers and changing that habit is difficult. However, we are convinced that more and more people will join this change and will feel very satisfied with contributing to the environment.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was finding products that could compete in terms of results with industrial cosmetics. The use of chemical products achieves relevant effects on the skin or hair, although it has not so positive consequences for the planet. Reaching that level of results is not easy when using 100% natural ingredients and avoiding animal testing. However, after many tests and selecting top quality ingredients, we believe we have achieved it. And if you don't believe it, give yourself a chance and dare to try.

Join the sustainable revolution. We will wait for you.